March 20, 2011
Letters, Scotland

Come clean over turbine eyesores

Scotland On Sunday, 20 March 2011

As an expat Scot I visit as often as I can, but last time, in 2007, I was alarmed to see the beginnings of the despoilment of the landscape by the advent of the wind turbine – an idiotic fancy inspired by deluded men in Holyrood.

Contemplating another visit I have, as ever, perused the VisitScotland website for new information and other directions.

I see no mention on that website regarding defacement of the Scottish landscape by the erection of wind turbines, so I did my own research and have found a comprehensive outline from the Highland Council of what has been and is being built in the Highlands. Other correspondents have told me similar work is proceeding in the Borders.

It appalls me that an organisation funded by the Scottish taxpayer is promoting the country in all its pristine glory, without a mention either in its text or in its visuals of the egregious blunder being created on the Scottish landscape by these monstrously ugly, and demonstrably useless, machines.

Bill McCall, Bonnells Bay, New South Wales, Australia

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