March 18, 2011
Letters, Maine

Wind energy facilities: Statewide moratorium

Rumford Falls Times, 18 March 2011

Recently, Matt Peterson submitted a legislative bill to develop a database for peer reviews related to wind energy facility noise, which has been reported to cause serious health problems. While I appreciate House Representative Peterson’s initiatives, the committee who is expected to develop the database and review is not expected to present their conclusions to the Governor until October 30, 2012, just before the 2012 election. That is an unacceptable timeframe for the legislature and the Governor to address the overall concerns about placing giant industrial scale wind turbines on our precious historic mountains.

After two years of study and observations by the citizens, it should be clear that the concerns are so significant that the Governor should seriously consider and take action on the importance of a Statewide Moratorium for permitting any wind energy facilities. I was raised with the belief that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Turbine noise has been highlighted as a serious concern for the health of those living near wind turbines. Unfortunately, Governor Baldacci expedited the wind permitting process without professional analysis of each important aspect of placing industrial scale wind energy facilities on the people’s landscape.

During the past two years, we have learned a great deal about the collective adverse effects and the contrary hype of wind energy in Maine. It seems that a statewide moratorium until January 2013 would enable the experts to conduct peer reviews to address the truth regarding the following areas of concern for Maine: noise effects, property values, scenic views, environmental damage to mountains, emissions, national security, dependence on oil, jobs, tourism, more Maine electricity generators, cost of electricity, tangible benefits and the real cost to U.S. and Maine taxpayers to subsidize the development of wind energy projects. Each of the above areas of concern were brushed over and blessed by the Baldacci administration on their way to expediting the wind energy initiatives.

Maine needs to develop a Maine energy policy based on an intelligent analysis of the current and future electric energy supply and delivery processes. Natural gas and hydro must be considered as primary suppliers.

Wind energy developers have refused to provide technical performance information. They claim that release of their

performance information would hurt their competitive position. Dah! America is founded on businesses providing competitive products. I believe the recent technical report at the University of Maine tells the true story of wind turbine performance.They have analyzed their wind turbine facts and found major performance problems. Their wind turbine implementation proved a major disparity between the wind power claims vs. the facts.

Please encourage your legislators to address the collective concerns listed above.

Yes, it is not a simple analysis but it is the responsibility of our elected officials to work hard enough to get the necessary results. Let’s not sell our mountains and the health of certain citizens for the very small tangible benefits offered by the developers.

If a broad scale analysis of the financials is released, residents of Maine will understand that they are being snookered.

Each Maine resident who thinks they will see a financial benefit if wind energy is introduced in their region could guarantee a financial benefit by focusing more attention on conservation of things within their individual span of control (oil, gasoline, electicity).

Hoping that wind power will bring the promised, but risky tangible benefits is not a recommended path for our Maine citizens.

Please support a statewide moratorium.

Len Greaney,

Rumford Center

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