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Why is it necessary to turn the state of Vermont into a wind farm?

Since neighboring Hydro-Quebec sits there with enough excess renewable energy to last forever, why is it necessary to turn the state of Vermont into a wind farm?

It isn’t.

Why do we let out-of-state wind corporations gut our hillsides and ridgelines, build new roads, and put up wind turbines higher than the Statue of Liberty, 450 feet above the tree lines, with red strobe lights at night? Meanwhile, these corporations rake in millions of dollars in profits, thanks to government subsidies (my tax dollars).

We shouldn’t allow it.

(Green Mountain Power Corporation, which is proposing 21 wind towers on the Lowell Mountain Range in Vermont, is a wholly owned Canadian company).

Vermont does get one third of its power from Hydro-Quebec, but there is no reason on Earth why we can’t use more. Even given environmental objections, at least use more Hydro-Quebec energy until other options like solar and geothermal (wood) are more fully explored.

Can’t be dependent on foreign power? We’re already dependent on plenty of foreign powers for oil (including Canada, which is our biggest supplier).

Wind is not free. Consider Green Mountain Power Corporation’s wind plan for the Lowell Mountain Range – cost: a cool 150 million dollars. All of this for turbines that will produce electricity for less than 30 percent of the time (wind is not constant).

Hydro-Quebec is cheaper anyway.

Yours for clear horizons,

Addison Merrick