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One bad idea after another

Several years ago, our political leaders came up with a doozy of an idea. Let’s turn the world’s food supply into fuel. Burn it in our cars. Then tell the rest of world to kiss off.

Fast forward to the present. You will find our military fighting two wars. If we keep subsidizing this idea, we are going to need a far larger fighting force. We will also need to build more guns, bombs, planes, ships … well, you get idea.

The next big idea to come from these profound thinkers was to stop drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico and coastal areas. Let’s build big wind farms in these areas. When all is said and done, this will not produce enough electricity to power light bulbs on towers to keep planes and ships from running over them.

Big idea three was to build a big solar farm in the desert. Then move Los Angeles a few hundred miles to the east. Park next to the wind farm. Then turn on your air conditioners. You’re going to need them. I think we’re in trouble.

Richard Curtis Lomelino