March 1, 2011
Letters, Vermont

Shumlin favoring power companies

Burlington Free Press, 1 March 2011

I am very disturbed by the recent action taken by Gov. Shumlin’s administration in its attempt to unduly influence the Agency of Natural Resources and further tip the unbalanced scales in regard to the Lowell wind project. When I voted this past election I had hoped that Peter Shumlin, as our governor, would show that he represented all the people of Vermont and not just those individuals connected to or a part of the “power” industry.

Gov. Douglas showed his blind favoritism toward Entergy and Vermont Yankee, and it now appears that Gov. Shumlin has the same blinders on when it comes to Green Mountain Power and the Lowell wind project. How can we, as citizens, feel trust in our government when it allows the process to be compromised by our representative’s naive and blind faith that “power” companies are only looking out for “our” best interest when in fact their overriding objectives are power, profit and getting someone else to foot the bill.

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