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Brewster Planning Board truly heard complaints

We would like to express our appreciation for the vote taken Feb. 16 by the Brewster Planning Board. The result was to deny the installation of two 41-story industrial wind turbines.

This was not an easy vote. Prior to the board’s open hearing in November 2010, there had been little voiced opposition. However, starting in the early fall, as an increasing number of citizens learned of the details of the application, concerns were raised.

The board was provided with expert testimony and reports on the unintended consequences of industrial-size turbines, and the many experiences people around the world have had with such huge structures. The board listened to many hours of open hearing testimony and expressions of concern about health issues, property values and the change of the character of our community.

It appears a sufficient number of board members felt uneasy or skeptical about the Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative’s claims of no potential negative impact, and stopped the application from going forward.

We feel grateful that our voices were heard. We feel that the board met its responsibility for looking out for the best interests of the town and all of its citizens, over the pressures for financial gain.

Mitch and Yvonne Relin