February 24, 2011
Letters, Rhode Island

Some of NK Green’s residents oppose turbine

northkingstown.patch.com 24 February 2011

Originally addressed to the North Kingstown Town Council.

To the North Kingstown Town Council,

We are writing this letter as concerned citizens of North Kingstown and residents of the North Kingstown Green. As you know, Mark DePasquale, as Wind Energy LLC, is erecting a wind turbine in our development.

We at first did not oppose this project however with the recent developments surrounding the Stamp Farm turbine and all the new information available to us we have become more informed of the magnitude and impact that this turbine will have on our family’s health and safety, as well as the effect it will have on the perceived value of The North Kingstown Green in general and our homes in particular.

When sought for our agreement in May of 2010, we were presented with no particulars of the project as to exact location or turbine size. We were simply asked to agree to the redraw of the boundaries for Lot 25. we were also asked to sign a general agreement that we were not opposed to the idea of wind energy.

However, since we have now become better informed of the project we are now opposed to it. At 427 feet, this wind turbine will be second highest structure in the State of Rhode Island only exceeded by the Bank of America building in Providence by a mere 12 inches and one of the tallest wind turbines in the United States!

None of us could have conceived that such an enormous structure was to be built in our neighborhood. And, if we did, we most certainly would have vigorously opposed it then. But, our primary concern doesn’t reside with the aesthetic harm to the beauty of our neighborhood and North Kingstown; it is the health and safety issues of our families, especially the children, that most concern us.

No one seems to be able to present any credible evidence that an industrial grade turbine won’t become a health hazard to us and our children. Yet, there is an abundance of information describing all kinds of health and safety issues with other turbines located near the homes of families.

Most of those turbines are dwarfed by the scale of the proposed turbine for the North Kingstown Green development. Furthermore, many of those smaller turbines are utilized in conjunction with setback ordinances that require far greater distances in an effort to protect their citizens. One can only imagine how much more significant the problems will be if a wind turbine of this unprecedented size is combined with razor thin minimum setback requirements that not only run counter to industry trends but also are in conflict with some turbine manufacturer’s recommended safety guidelines as well.

We have collected a great deal of information on wind turbines and the health and safety ramifications they have on their surroundings. We would be happy to share any and all of this information with anyone willing to review it so a more informed decision can be for the benefit of North Kingstown.

As concerned residents we find ourselves compelled to make this impassioned plea for your reconsideration of the proposed turbine for North Kingstown Green. At the very least, we respectfully request that the North Kingstown Green turbine be included as part of the moratorium enacted on January 10, 2011. That moratorium was enacted to further study the impact that these turbines have before a mistake is made that harms North Kingstown and its residents. It only makes sense to include this turbine as well. It would be a tragedy to find out that these turbines end up causing harm when it could have easily been prevented.


Colleen Clare, Sean Coen, Nicole & Scott Newcombe, Sub Hransu Mohanty, Shelley Anderson, Kim & Todd Teixeria

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