February 23, 2011
Letters, Massachusetts

Historical context lacking in wind turbine editorial

Cape Cod Times, www.capecodonline.com 23 February 2011

After several years of wind turbine stories on Cape Cod, it is difficult to understand how the Times could offer such an uninformed editorial on the Brewster turbine project (“A greener Brewster,” Feb. 16).

Consider the following:

* As a member of “the vocal minority of naysayers from out of town,” I feel perfectly justified in speaking in and about Brewster’s proposed wind turbine, since it is all our money; renewable energy credits and state and federal taxes that would subsidize the Brewster project.
* Where does an essentially bankrupt CVEC get the $10 million to “buy and maintain the turbines”? From the commonwealth via Cape Light Compact?
* There will be no “power provided to municipal departments,” but only credit and a check to Brewster measured by a meter. Brewster will continue to get its reliable electricity from NStar, as it always has. The unreliable, sporadic power generated by the turbine will be purchased by NStar thanks to state-mandated net metering, and in all likelihood that power will not even be integrated into the power grid. Brewster’s “carbon footprint” will not be lowered.

It would seem your paper has an obligation to refer to historical context and all facts of the land-based wind saga on the Cape.

Jim Rogers


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