February 23, 2011
New York

County threatened by high voltage power lines again

By Carol Thompson, The Valley News, www.valleynewsonline.com 23 February 2011

The New York Power Authority won’t offer a power purchase agreement to Galloo Island Wind Farm, Richard M. Kessel, president and CEO recently announced.

That means Oswego County, especially the Village of Pulaski, is once again threatened by high voltage transmission lines

The transmission lines are needed for the Galloo Island wind turbine project. The 84-turbine, 246-megawatt project has been under the microscope of county officials, who have waited over two years to learn the exact siting of the transmission lines. The project, under development by Upstate NY Power Corp., is located in the Jefferson County Town of Hounsfield.

Legislator Shawn Doyle, who has been actively involved with the project on behalf of the legislature, gave legislators an update at the Feb. 11 meeting. The county, he said, is back under the radar for hosting the high-powered lines.

The most recent plan called for a sub aquatic route and Oswego County legislators remained cautiously optimistic. Doyle said that the latest proposal has been the goal.

That changed upon Kessel’s announcement and Doyle said the project is expected to be back to one of the original four options.

he developer has considered an overland route that made landfall in Henderson, then ran south through Ellisburg and Richland to a substation in the Town of Mexico.

Another option would bring the line from Henderson to Ellisburg, Sandy Creek and Pulaski to a National Grid line in Mexico.

The legislature has concerns with the lines running through the village because of the potential for a negative impact on aesthetics and the tourism industry.

Fishing and winter sports are popular in the Pulaski area and the activities account for a large portion of the county’s sales-tax revenue.

Kessel reportedly said he has told local public officials that NYPA is focusing solely on the offshore wind project and can’t offer Galloo Island Wind Farm a separate contract.

Doyle said that he will monitor the situation closely and report back to the legislature.

Former New York State Senator and U.S. Ambassador H. Douglas Barclay is representing Legislature Chairman Barry Leemann in the matter.

The project has been met with strong opposition from residents in both Oswego and Jefferson counties.

An update on the project is expected sometime after April 14.

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