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Real estate values surely will be affected by turbines

Apparently the writer of your Feb. 16 editorial, “A greener Brewster,” does not live or sleep near wind turbines.

There are many places where turbines create problems for neighbors other than Falmouth. And there are places where turbines do not create problems. More research has to be done to determine exactly why.

Anti-wind groups are becoming more and more prevalent all over the world. Why? If there are no adverse effects, then why oppose this “green energy”? To dismiss people who have problems as “nonsense” is unconscionable.

Negating the issue of lower real estate value goes against common sense and is absurd. Who would seek to buy a house near a potential health/annoyance factor without some sort of compensation? If real estate values are not affected, why won’t the wind people give real estate guarantees? They have nothing to lose if what they are saying is true.

Wind turbines are inefficient producers of electricity. They should not be situated in places where “sacrificial lambs” would suffer.

Joan Swaluk