February 21, 2011
Arizona, Letters

Many more reasons to oppose wind farm

www.azdailysun.com 21 February 2011

Re: Proposed wind farm. I thought the public should know some of the details of the appeal that were not in the newspaper.

According to a study by the U.S. Department of Energy, Arizona ranks 30th in sufficient wind to be cost-effective.

According to government data concerning implementation of wind farms, there is a 35 to 40 percent tax subsidy to the contractor for the cost of the project. This amounts to millions of your tax dollars.

It doesn’t appear that it will produce enough energy to be cost-effective.

Both golden and bald eagles have been witnessed in the projected area last May and June, including nests in area. SUCA, an environmental firm, is conducting a study of the area to determine if they are returning and populating there. Study continues through next summer.

Since the county stands to receive thousands of tax dollars from this project, coupled with the fact that this subsidy program expires Dec. 31 this year. Could this be the reason these issues were blindsided so as not to miss this deadline and opportunity?



URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2011/02/21/many-more-reasons-to-oppose-wind-farm/