February 18, 2011
Letters, Massachusetts

Taxpayer dollars fund private lawsuit

The Register, www.wickedlocal.com 17 February 2011

The Dennis Board of Selectmen voted in an unannounced, closed executive session to file a motion to become a co-plaintiff with ARC (Aquaculture Research, a private corporation) to allow construction of a 242-foot wind turbine on Chapin Beach.

That’s correct, the town of Dennis may be allowed to join Aquaculture Research Corporation in a suit that furthers their corporate needs with little public benefit. The selectmen have stated that approximately $10,000 of taxpayer money will be used.

The closed executive session was used as a non-transparent means to support ARC, even though the turbine issue continues to meet substantial resistance. At a time when we are cutting budgets and laying off librarians and teachers, it is inappropriate for the town to be using tax dollars for this purpose.

We continue to object to the wind turbine on Chapin Beach due to environmental, health, safety, tourism and property valuation issues.

We believe the position taken by the Dennis Selectmen to be come a co-plaintiff with ARC (a private corporation) sets a dangerous precedent for the town and does not serve the public interest.

Rosemarie Austin, Dennis

President, Save Our Beaches

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2011/02/18/taxpayer-dollars-fund-private-lawsuit/