February 17, 2011

Town chair and two supervisors voted out in recall election

WQOW-TV, www.wqow.com 15 February 2011

The results from the recall elections in the Town of Forest are officially in.

The town chair and two supervisors have been voted out.

In the town chair race, Jaime Junker (194) was voted in to replace Incumbent Roger Swanepoel (123).

In the town supervisor race, Rick Steinberger (207) and Patrick Scepurek (185) were voted in to replace both Incumbents Carlton Cress (123) and Douglas Karau (113).

The recall is in response to a wind turbine controversy in the town.


Latest WQOW News 18 story on wind turbines:

A citizen group files a lawsuit against the Town of Forest. That’s north of Glenwood City.

An energy company is looking to build more than three dozen wind turbines on various properties in the area. The board approved the measure last year, but residents say they were kept in the dark about the plans.

The group is concerned about diminished land values and noise pollution from the turbines, which could be up to 500 feet tall. The group is asking for a permanent injunction to stop the building of the turbines.

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