February 17, 2011
Letters, Ontario

Ignoring unwelcome facts on wind turbines

The Welland Tribune, 17 February 2011

There’s nothing like a good worldwide media story to hide unwelcome local news, specially a story demonstrating the biggest turnaround by Dalton McGuinty’s provincial government since he was elected.

He very publicly promised no tax increases on his watch and we all know where that went.

However, green alternative energy is something he is obviously more scared of than those tax increases.

The Green Energy Act was imposed purely to guarantee wind and solar energy companies, both domestic and foreign, enormous profits dependent on yet uncollected taxes.

To date there is no proof that either wind or solar power are green, environmentally friendly, reliable, efficient, sustainable or indeed deliver on a single promise made by provincial government and the alternative energy companies.

Additionally of course, there are definitely cases, worldwide, where both negative health and economic effects have been inflicted on members of communities where the only thing in common, in every case, are industrial wind turbines being built and operated close to each community.

And now, on a Friday afternoon while the world media is caught up in the hysteria surrounding Egypt’s political upheaval, McGuinty and Energy Minister Brad Duguid quietly announce the provincial government has imposed a moratorium on all offshore industrial wind turbine development because of environmental concerns and until further investigations into the potential negative effects are completed.

Although the reason given is strictly environmental concerns, Duguid actually refers to health.

Yet claims that while 5 km may not be a safe setback distance for offshore industrial wind turbines he and his government are happy to allow onshore industrial wind turbines to be built within 550 metres of Ontario homes.

I guess all these government folk must have degrees in medicine.

They continue to cite the province’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Arlene King, who stated that industrial wind turbines did not cause any adverse health effects.

They totally ignore Dr. Hazel Lynn, the medical officer of health of Grey and Bruce counties, who has communities actually being negatively affected and is concerned enough with real people and real incidents to ask what 70-plus Ontario municipalities have also asked – that a moratorium be placed on future onshore industrial wind turbines until further independent inquiries are carried out.

Strange that double standards and hypocrisy appear to be this provincial government’s only concerns.

Andrew Watts

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