February 14, 2011
Letters, New York

Litchfield should OK law to nix turbines forever

Observer-Dispatch, www.uticaod.com 14 February 2011

We are truly blessed to have homes and farms in this beautiful town. I grew up here, went away for a time, but made sure I made my way back home. Litchfield has a special allure; a special mystique. It is truly God’s country.

We like our neighbors. They are good, hard-working people. We all enjoy the simple life. We respect one another.

But look what has happened to us. We are divided and angry because an environmental propagandist selling his snake oil has come in promising the moon and causing havoc.

The Good Book says to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That means to look out not only for yourself, but for your neighbor as well. For many, the thought of looking out our windows and seeing an alien-ugly 400-foot wind turbine looming over our blessed land makes us sick.

There are plenty of wilderness areas in our state. Let them put their turbines there – not here, not now, not ever.

A simple law will fix this mess. Enact an ordinance restricting the height of structures in Litchfield. Restore the spirit of our town. Please, be good neighbors.



Editor’s note: The Litchfield Town Board voted Feb. 8 to extend the moratorium on wind projects to March 2012.

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