February 14, 2011
Letters, Scotland

Just a question of time

The Shetland Times, www.shetlandtimes.co.uk 14 February 2011

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let me tell you a story.

Two men walked on top of a high hill on a rocky island in the North Sea. Strong winds blew from every quarter.

“What couldn’t we do if we could only harness the wind?” said one.

“Many things,” said the other, “among them, make lots of money.”

The men went home and put their thinking caps on.

“We’ll build a windfarm,” said one when they met again, “but we need to co-opt more people.”

A consortium was formed and plans mooted.

“We need at least 30 pylons to make it viable,” said one.

“Locals will never accept that many,” said another.

“They will,” said their leader, “because we’ll put in for 70.”

Hoots of derision greeted that remark.

“How are you going to get away with that?” it was asked.

“No problem. We sit back and let those for and against fight it out. While they’re doing that we get on with our plans. They’ll mostly be against so then we’ll offer to reduce the number of masts and they’ll think they’re winning. Probably have to reduce it again but in the end we’ll get what we want. It’s just a question of time.”

Good night, children. Sleep well.

Millie Vigor

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