February 13, 2011
Letters, Vermont

Guidelines for wind needed

Times-Argus Online, www.timesargus.com 13 February 2011

In the Feb. 6 Times Argus and Rutland Herald, Mike Tetreault proposes that the will of the majority should guide the opinions and rights of the minority. Thus, the opposition of the Lowell wind project becomes an infringement of freedom and land rights and “us against them.” There is enough evidence in the history of the world to know that this concept is dangerous. Mr. Tetreault ignores the fact that individual landowners like Don Nelson will pay the price for the erection of these industrial structures on his property line located in the shadows of the turbines. What about his land rights? Surrounding communities, such as Albany and Craftsbury, will pay the price although they were not included in the “largest voter turnout in the history of the town of Lowell.” Views such as Mr. Tetreault’s are the reason that the Legislature must act this session to develop siting requirements for industrial wind farms on Vermont’s mountaintops. Does it make sense to move forward in community after community, pitting neighbor against neighbor based on uninformed decisions? Clear guidelines need to be developed before allowing Vermont’s mountains, wildlife, clean water, health and way of life to be destroyed.



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