February 10, 2011
Letters, Ontario

Wind energy a boondoggle

www.simcoe.com 10 February 2011

Thanks to Chris Fell for bringing a proper perspective to the wind turbines debate. The unassailable fact is that wind turbines are not now, never have been, and never will be cost effective. They owe their existence to significant government subsidies, which in turn result in higher electricity rates for families and industry. Such higher rates erode the competitive advantage Ontario once offered manufacturers and other businesses which were large users of electricty.

Quebec, due to its extensive hydro-electric projects, can still offer low electricity rates. The few jobs created in Ontario in the manufacturing and/or assembly of wind turbines will be miniscule compared to the jobs lost when Ontario based companies cut jobs; leave for lower cost locations; or elect not to come to Ontario. Ontario workers need jobs, not wind farms.

The McGuinty government made a foolish election promise pandering to the Greens. It then discovered that it could not close the coal fueled generating plants within the promised time frame. While there were other options available, it compounded its foolishness by promising to bring in clean energy through the use of wind turbines. It knew then that wind turbines were uneconomic and that residents and Municipalities would oppose them. That is why it had to resort to draconian legislation to deprive citizens and Municipalities of having a say as to where and to what extent Wind Turbines could locate within each Municipality. The Premier knew that wind farms would not be located in major cities, which voted Liberal, but would be located in the country. The legislation was not likely to cost many seats.

Supporters of ‘green energy” use the tactics of the tobacco industry by ignoring the fact that the wind turbines are a boondoggle for the few and shifting the debate to whether or not the wind turbines are harmful to health. The industry will produce one expert report opining that there is no irrefutable direct link between health problems and wind turbines for every expert report opponents of wind turbines produce. Opponents cannot win in the short term if they allow the focus to be shifted and it is in the short term that the turbines will be built. Look at how long the tobacco industry got away with that tactic, while having the audacity to defend lawsuits by claiming that the smoker knew that tobacco was dangerous to health.

I repeat we will pay for this political decision in higher taxes and electricity rates, lower property values and fewer jobs, not only now but in the future. Take action before it is too late. If you are asked to sign a petition in opposition to Wind Turbines or Wind Farms, read it and sign as quickly as possible.

Yours truly

Robert Hart

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