February 9, 2011

Review: Lundberg not compensated

By Kate Hessling, Tribune Staff Writer, Huron Daily Tribune, www.michigansthumb.com 9 February 2011

BAD AXE – Huron County Commissioner John Nugent, who chairs the Personnel Committee, announced Tuesday that he and the other committee members are of the opinion that Zoning Director Russ Lundberg did not receive any compensation for his attendance at a Riga Township meeting.

The Personnel Committee has been reviewing statements Lundberg made about being paid by a wind developer to give a presentation to the Riga Township Planning Commission Dec. 16, 2010. When asked by some in attendance at that meeting who was paying him to be at the meeting, Lundberg, who had retired from his position of Huron County Building and Zoning Director and was not a county employee at the time, indicated John Deere was paying his expenses.

Later that month, during a Huron County Board of Commissioners meeting where the board rehired Lundberg to serve as a part-time zoning director, Lundberg told commissioners he went on his own time, paid his own way and did it as a favor to Brion Dickens. Dickens serves on the Oliver Township Planning Commission and co-owns Great Lakes Wind, LLC, a community-based wind energy company in Lenawee County.

In the following weeks, Lundberg defended himself against the allegations, stating he never was paid to go to the Riga Township meeting, and he did go as a favor to Dickens. Great Lakes Wind, LLC, owns 50 percent of the Lenawee County project, and the other 50 percent of that project is owned by John Deere.

Upon learning of the statements made in Riga Township, county officials referred the matter to the board’s Personnel Committee for review. While the review was ongoing, the board received a letter in its Jan. 25 communications packet from Great Lakes Wind, LLC Chairman Larry Gould, stating the company has not paid any expenses related to the Riga Township meeting.

On Tuesday, Nugent said after the Personnel Committee had several conversations with Lundberg, it concluded he did not receive compensation for attending that meeting.

He said the committee has begun discussions with Lundberg on an employee agreement in lieu of the resolution the board approved to rehire Lundberg at the end of December 2010.

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