February 8, 2011

County signs permit for Indeck wind farm

By J.W. Keene, The Pratt Tribune, www.pratttribune.com 8 February 2011

Pratt, Kan. – Pratt County Commissioners signed a licensing permit with Indeck Wildcat Wind, LLC, to build a wind farm west of Iuka in Pratt County. The licensing is subject to several restrictions relating to construction and a road maintenance agreement being completed, and signed by both the county officials and representatives for Indeck.

Included among the restrictions were regulations regarding the height of turbine towers and the distance they must be from existing buildings and property lines, the licensee is to pay the county a one-time fee of $10 a rod for transmission lines between the substation to be located on the project site, and the substation constructed to interconnect to the electrical grid, whether above, or below ground.

Additionally, the lowest point of each turbine generator rotor blade shall be at east 90-feet above ground at the base of the tower. Also, the licensing agreement goes into great detail concerning construction and safety practices, as well as insurance requirements relating to the project.

Indeck shall pay a one-time phase license fee of $1,000 to Pratt County. Additionally, within 30-days of commencement of the construction of project phase, a payment of $100 per mega watt of planned nameplate capacity being installed shall be paid to Pratt County.

An annual renewal licensing fee of $2,000 per mega watt of installed nameplate capacity in place, whether operating or not, less previous fees paid, shall be paid to Pratt County. If 100 mega watts of nameplate capacity is installed, the county will receive $200,000 annually from this agreement.

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