February 4, 2011

Wind power issues raise questions

Mark Davis, www.wtnh.com 3 February 2011

Pretty much everyone says, they’re in favor of alternative energy, but not always when it’s in their back yard.

Residents from two Connecticut towns turned out in force today to say put the brakes on a plan for wind turbines on some Connecticut hilltops.

Opponents of the wind turbine proposals for Prospect and Colebrook say that even people who had been for wind power on Cape Cod are now opposed since they’ve been up and running in Falmouth.

“Been there twice to Falmouth. I talked with the residents; sleepless nights, windows shut during the summer, it is un-Godly,” says Tim Reilly of Prospect.

That’s why people from both towns jammed a public hearing today on a proposal for a moratorium on wind turbines until some rules are established for the state citing council to follow.

“We would like set-backs, there are a number of issues; noise, infra-sound being two of them but also blade throws and ice throws, it’s quality of life in general,” says Joyce Hemingson of Colebrook.

“This is an industrial and commercially zoned property, there’s already a used car lot, three towers, a light industrial site and hazardous waste site, all adjacent to the property,” says Victor Viscokis of Prospect.

“It is anti wind, it’s anti investment,” says Gregory Zupkus of BNE Energy bneenergy.com/ .

The company that has the option on this 68 acres in Prospect and a similar site in Colebrook says it is far enough away from most homes.

“When it comes to flicker as example, the shadow coming from the turbines, we believe it will be a very small level,” says Zupkus.

The co-chair of the environment committee is a longtime advocate of alternative energy projects, but she wants this moratorium, she lives in Prospect.

Some people might say Vickie Nardello of the Energy and Technology Committee is only doing this because it’s in the back yard and it’s in your district.

“No, I think that every city in Connecticut, if they might be the host of a wind project needs to have regulations in place,” says Nardello.

For more information about the wind power projects go to : fairwindct.com/ , green-prospect.com/ , and greencolebrook.com .

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