February 4, 2011

Anti-wind turbine groups meet at State Capitol

WFSB Hartford, www.wfsb.com 3 February 2011

Save Prospect Corp. and FairWindCT’s press conference will be held before lawmakers on the state’s energy and technology committee are scheduled to hear public comments on a bill that would put a moratorium on wind power development to allow for the creation of state regulations.

The groups are opposed to a proposal by West Hartford-based BNE Energy Inc. to install eight 492-foot-tall wind turbines in their neighborhood.

The groups want committee members to enact a moratorium and outline regulations that guarantee the protection of resident’s safety, health and well-being, property value and the quality of life.

BNE has filed three petitions with the Connecticut Siting Council for the development of eight wind turbines on the Siting Council website.

To check out the website click here.

On Jan. 3, then Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said the state’s lack of regulations governing the development of industrial wind turbines was as if it were “operating in a state of lawlessness.”

The groups will give committee members and the state Legislature a video which they say illustrates the need for government action.

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