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Keep turbines out of residential areas

I bought my home on Glacier Way in Bourne almost 10 years ago because of the quiet neighborhood, beautiful scenic views and peaceful lifestyle. However, as you are aware, a few individuals representing Next Generation Wind are trying to place seven industrial sized, commercial grade wind turbines near dozens of neighborhoods along the Scenic Highway. One of those Industrial turbines will be 800-900 feet from my home.

Setbacks for these industrial wind turbines located around the world have been increased to as much as 1.25 miles or more, due to various human health issues caused by commercial grade wind turbines in residential areas. But, these are being proposed as close as 800 feet.

Certainly, I am not against green energy or the use of wind turbines, when they are placed in appropriate areas. However, as more and more of these massive machines are erected in residential areas, the adverse impact becomes evident and the economic benefits are not being realized. As a result, there are thousands of people from hundreds of communities around the world, who are starting to speak out in apposition to these being placed in their neighborhoods.

The proponents for these turbines make numerous claims about their efficiency, economic value, energy savings, and minimal health impacts. However, when you consider these factually and logically they don’t add up. If all of these claims were true why are so many people who initially embraced the placement of these commercial turbines next to their homes, now so against these structures?

The proponents quote optimal efficiencies and energy output, but these are similar to the MPG sticker on your new car. Nobody ever gets the manufacturers MPG claim. Plus, if these were so good for the economy and generated so much energy, why is it necessary to offer rebates, credits and subsidies by the government to put these in? And only to a few people who stand to make money.

In fact, because of the inconsistent energy production of wind turbines, we will always need traditional energy power plants. We are not saving the environment nor gaining any value!

All I ask is that you hold our public representatives accountable, and to use their common sense, intellect and real life experience in considering all of the issues, motives, money and claims behind the construction of these monstrosities and urge them to vote NO to the placement of any industrial wind turbine near a person’s home.

There is a BOH meeting scheduled for this Wed. Feb. 2, at 7 p.m. in the Jonathan Bourne Library. It is very important to shed the light of truth on this issue and to protect the citizens of this area. The town would not permit the construction of any other commercial structure in a residential area.

Bill McGittigan