February 1, 2011

Wind farm health effects to be challenged

CBC News, www.cbc.ca 31 January 2011

A small wind farm in Thamesville, Ont., is the centre of a big debate over the health effects of wind turbines.

Opponents who claim wind turbines are bad for people’s health are challenging government approval of an eight-tower wind farm called Kent Breeze.

The Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group appeal begins Tuesday and Wednesday in Chatham, and will continue in Chatham and Toronto until March.

“The hearings are definitely open to the public,” said Eric Gillespie, an environmental lawyer for the group. “Portions of them will be in Chatham at the municipal offices, in the council chambers. Portions of them will be taking place in Toronto.”

Gillespie said the precedent-setting case could change the future of wind energy. Twenty-three expert witnesses are scheduled to testify.

“They’ll be coming from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand,” said Gillespie. “Once that process is completed, it would be difficult to imagine a more comprehensive look, so likely this hearing and its outcome will have implications for future hearings.”

Meanwhile, Suncor, the company building the wind farm, said it will go ahead with construction on the project as planned.

There are hundreds of wind turbines now spinning in southwestern Ontario.

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