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Group seeks wind turbine regulations

OAK HARBOR – Black Swamp Bird Observatory hosted a meeting Jan. 18 to discuss wind turbines in migratory bird stopover habitat along Lake Erie.

Among those attending the meeting were Ottawa County Commissioner Jim Sass and representatives from Ottawa County Visitors Bureau, many national organizations, universities, and state and federal agencies.

There is concern about the effect of poorly sited wind turbines on the large population of bald eagles, the thousands of swans that frequent the marshes and the millions of songbirds that rely on the Lake Erie Marsh region as a resting point before and after crossing the lake during their migration.

“It is time for the industry to realize that there are some areas where wind turbines just don’t make sense,” said Kimberly Kaufman, the observatory’s executive director.

The observatory is calling for stricter regulations on all turbines in highly bird-sensitive areas and a three-year moratorium on any additional wind turbines along a 3-mile buffer of the Lakeshore in Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky and Erie counties until comprehensive research can be conducted. Those who support the observatory’s efforts can sign an online petition at www.thepetitionsite.com/take action/924/482/794/.

Visit www.bsbobird.org for more information.