January 26, 2011
Letters, Wisconsin

Column on wind power was unbalanced

Sheboygan Press, www.sheboyganpress.com 25 January 2011

I had hoped that Keith Reopelle’s column in The Sheboygan Press on Jan. 23, “Walker’s new wind-siting rules a jobs killer,” would have been a more balanced look at wind energy.

To say the new wind rules are a jobs killer is like saying forcing paint companies to stop using lead in their product is a jobs killer, or making cigarette companies post warning labels is a jobs killer.

Mr. Reopelle failed to mention that only one homeowner was allowed on the PSC committee and every concern he had for property values or health concerns was snuffed by the majority members composed of developers and energy company advocates. That the chairman of the PSC, Eric Callisto, who oversees all wind farm placement in Wisconsin stated in January 2009, “They are not silent, and they cause shadow flicker” and that people living near them might have to “sacrifice.”

Mr. Reopelle missed mentioning that Fond du Lac and Brown county health departments have requested health studies due to complaints of wind turbine generator noise, something other states are trying to address, as well as Gov. Walker.

Lastly, as a possible neighbor to a wind farm here in Sheboygan County, I was offered a good neighbor payment. But as I explained at the time, the $19.23 a week would not help me if I felt that I had to move due to wind turbine noise and yet could not sell my home due to wind turbine noise.

Tom Tocco


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