January 25, 2011
Letters, Virginia

Bill shows blatant disrespect for county

Bluefield Daily Telegraph, bdtonline.com 25 January 2011

Sen. Frank Wagner’s introduction of Senate bill 862 on renewable energy begs the question “ why?” It doesn’t make sense.

As I understand it, any windmills off Virginia Beach would be too far off shore to be visible, thus any local Virginia Beach ordinance would not apply. Virginia Beach’s business is tourism not energy.

Why the senator’s interest, since it would not affect his own city but have a direct impact on our county at the opposite end of the state?

He so far seems unwilling to meet with our local officials. Is our Tazewell County tall structure ordinance a direct target of this bill?

Is this big corporate money and lobbyists at work? “ Me thinks I smell a rat.”

Our county supervisors stood tall on the tall structure ordinance, but it may all be for nil. Whether one is for or against windmills, this bill, if passed, shows a blatant disrespect for our local government officials. We should invite Senator Wagner to an open supervisors’ meeting for discussion of this topic. So far it seems hard to even meet or talk face to face with him. Oh well, he must be very busy.

A quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “ something is rotten in the state of Denmark” would, I think, also apply to Virginia Beach and this bill.

Harlan D. Martin

North Tazewell, Va.

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