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Wind farms, other boondoggles a burden on Ohio’s economy

Upon assuming office, Ohio Gov. John Kasich made a wise decision and immediately canceled the so-called high speed train from Cleveland to Columbus.

By any objective measure, this project was a make-work boondoggle designed not so much to enhance Ohio’s infrastructure, but rather to provide union jobs for construction and a subsidized, unionized work force thereafter.

But high-speed rail is not the only folly that needs to be squelched. Another bad actor is the law that requires Ohio utilities to purchase at least 12.5 percent of their electrical power from renewal sources like wind by 2025.

Wind power is as extremely costly, as it is unreliable. And, it’s not even green given the amount of environmental damage it does to birds; the space it takes up; the hideous appearance of wind farms; and the noise pollution wind generators emit. This misguided legal mandate carried over from the Ted Strickland era will generate huge profits for wind farm operators while saddling users with electricity that costs two to three times that of coal or natural gas.

Wind farms can hurt Ohio’s economy, and for that reason I’m confident that Gov. Kasich will put the kibosh on its mandate.

Peter Skurkiss