January 24, 2011
Idaho, Letters

We should get more informed on wind turbines

Times-News, www.magicvalley.com 24 January 2011

Beware: Wind turbines may sprout near you soon.

In 2006, my husband and I purchased 15 acres of land in the country. We built a home we love in a peaceful location with beautiful and expansive scenic views.

When we built, installing industrial wind turbines near us was not allowed by the county ordinances and our serene setting was protected into the future. Since then, the ordinances were changed with almost no public awareness. Now there is a proposal to construct nearly 100 wind turbines on the agricultural lands directly across the street from our property.

“So what,” you say. Wind turbines are industrial, not agricultural. They produce energy at best part time, and what little energy they intermittently produce is mostly going to other states like Nevada and California.

Wake up Idahoans! Look at their economics and how erecting wind turbines will dramatically increase your monthly electric bills. Research the possible health, noise, ecological and property value effects that wind turbines will have on you, your family and your neighbors for generations.

We are seeing hundreds of these mammoth monstrosities go up across our Idaho skylines and letting it happen. And there are many, many more wind turbine projects pending throughout the state.

Get informed. Be responsible. Don’t let what is happening to us happen to you! Contact your local county planning and zoning department and your Idaho State congressmen and let your voice be heard.

For more information on how wind turbines could affect you, visit www.eastidahowindaction.org.



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