January 22, 2011

People complaining of health impacts from wind turbines head to Toronto court

By: The Canadian Press, www.brandonsun.com 22 January 2011

TORONTO – Opponents of Ontario’s use of industrial wind turbines to generate electricity hope legal action will stop any new wind farms until studies are done on possible adverse health effects.

The Society for Wind Vigilance says people who live near new wind power projects in Ontario report sleep disturbance, headaches, difficulty concentrating, irritability and fatigue.

Spokeswoman Beth Harrington says Ontario has “a living laboratory” of people with adverse health effects who should be studied to prove once and for all whether or not there is a link to the turbines.

A Toronto Divisional Court will hear a case Monday that asks the court to strike down the 550 metre setback the government imposed between wind turbines and homes.

Harrington says no one knows how close is too close at this point, adding it’s a shame people have to go to court to protect their health.

The Progressive Conservatives called for a moratorium on any new wind projects until a health study is completed.

In another case starting Feb. 1, an Environmental Review Tribunal will hear witnesses into a proposed wind farm by Suncor in Chatham-Kent.

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