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Sign vandalism raises concerns

Last February, some residents in the area of the proposed industrial wind facility in southern Brown County began posting signs expressing concerns for the potential impacts the project would have on their health, environment and property rights and values. Individuals displaying signs have conformed to town ordinances. Now, signs in the towns of Holland, Morrison and Glenmore are being vandalized, raising objection to a more serious level. Someone in the community is willing to violate private property laws to intimidate neighbors and limit their freedom of speech.

Did the signers of turbine contracts have any concern for what effects their actions would potentially have on the lives of their neighbors? Do they now feel any responsibility for the backlash of community reaction? At a Holland town meeting last summer, a contract signer who demanded removal of signs with “contentious messages,” sadly put the issue into perspective declaring, “Last year those people were my friends.”

Of the many messages expressed on the placards posted by Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy, one prophetically states, “Wind energy projects destroy communities.” The acts of vandalism are ample proof of that.

Carl Johnson