January 18, 2011
Letters, Oregon

Stop forest of iron trees

The Observer, www.lagrandeobserver.com 18 January 2011

The iron trees of Telocaset tower over the landscape, remaining a blemish upon the serene beauty of Baker Valley. This we know. We don’t know about tax revenue gained or the amount spent on local schools, police and fire departments. Does anyone?

We know many have expressed heart-felt concerns toward plans for another forest of iron trees here in our own valley. These residents hold sincere convictions, arguing mostly over promised tax revenues and jobs. But have you ever gazed upon Craig Mountain? It is inundated with a forest of tamarack, pine and sweeping fir all interwoven among the rock cliffs of basalt.

In spring the slopes, like that of Antelope Ridge, are blanketed in colors of yellow and blue wildflowers. The scent of sage fills the air as meadowlarks sing their song. It is home to a vast array of wildlife and to the residents of Union. It is their backyard. That view will no longer exist when the proposed 164 iron tree turbines tower over their town.

For the good folks of Cove and La Grande, it’s really not our problem. It can’t be seen from where we live. But our neighbors of the little town of Union will see it clearly. Every time they tee off at Buffalo Peak Golf Course, every time they drive down Main Street or every time their children run out on the school playground, 475-foot wind turbines will be hauntingly present.

Every morning of every day Union residents will have to look forward to this, not the beauty of Craig Mountain. At night 164 blinking red lights will steal the serenity of the starry sky, guaranteed.

I may proudly support wind energy, but I support my neighbors, too. Shouldn’t you?

Floyd Mitchell


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