January 17, 2011
Letters, Ontario

Wind turbines will change lives

www.owensoundsuntimes.com 17 January 2011

I grew up on the St. Lawrence river just east of Kingston and sailed those waters for years.

From Fort Henry hill looking southwest over the Kingston harbour the vista stretched on for miles until the waters of the lake met the sky. To the right, R.M. C, The Kingston harbour, then Snake Island and the Admiralty Shoals and farther still, Amherst Island and the western gap that leads to the lake. On the left, Wolfe Island, Garden Island, Simcoe Island, Horse Shoe Island and somewhere over the horizon the Main and Lesser Ducks.

In these waters and on these shores some very important Canadian history was written and that wild vista never changed . . . until now.

Today the view from Fort Henry Hill includes a Wolfe Island that has been changed into an industrial site.

Scores of wind generators now dot the landscape and have forever changed the island into a manufacturing facility. Soon the Admiralty Shoals and the waters around them will sprout more of these machines. The very waters that Frontenac plied in a canoe, that brought his majesty’s ship “Royal George”, under fire from American ships, safely to the Kingston harbour that floated the greatest warship on the Great Lakes in the War of 1812, The St. Lawrence, and hosted HMS Britannia during several royal visits will soon be converted into an ugly electrical generator. Wind mills will soon rise from these waters like a hydra.

Must our natural and historic sites, our treasured environment fall before the god of wind power? Must we be stampeded by the virulent greens?

I understand that there may be wind farms constructed in your area of Ontario.

Tell those who would fight it to come to Kingston and look at what has been done to our islands, and then go home and fight like your life depended on it. Because it does.

George Luck Lansdowne

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