January 15, 2011
Letters, Ontario

Put a wind turbine at Queen’s Park

www.owensoundsuntimes.com 15 January 2011

Industrial-sized wind turbines – so safe every park should have one. Let’s start with Queen’s Park.

Just think of it, the Ontario provincial legislature could set the example. After all, true leadership is all about leading the way.

The expansion program for industrial wind turbines is accelerating with little regard to the health concerns of the public, especially the people most affected by their existence. The Wind Concerns Ontario website identifies concerns over low frequency noise, especially its effect on children, sleep disturbances, stress, and headaches. And yet our government is not investigating these concerns and is allowing turbines to be constructed in close proximity to family homes.

Perhaps Dalton McGinty could further show us how safe these are by persuading our prime minister to see if the Parliament buildings might take a few.

Turbines could then stand side by side with our national symbol that recognizes our fellow Canadians’ sacrifice in the pursuit of democracy: our Peace Tower.

Then we could showcase to the world how we are moving forward in earnest, without concern for the health of our citizens and without democracy or the consultation of landowners. Since the Peace Tower is 302 feet high and industrial-sized wind turbines are about 300 feet high, we might still be able to see the Peace Tower – at least a little bit.

So let me get this right. Our government is spending absurd amounts of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars to put industrial wind turbines the height of the Peace Tower as close as 550 metres to where families with children live, without adequate health studies. Can this be right?

Do I want to see Queen’s Park and the lawn of our Parliament buildings with wind turbines? No. But neither do I want the families in the rest of our province facing health effects from wind turbines for decades to come.

Deborah Kennish McCoubrey

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