January 11, 2011
Letters, West Virginia

Wind farms out West betray hole in recycle claims

Mineral Daily News-Tribune, www.newstribune.info 11 January 2011

An interesting point in the debate involving the determination of a dollar amount for the eventual decommissioning of the wind turbines in Mineral County is projecting the ability to recycle and scrap present-day turbines 20-25 years down the road.
While Gary Wilson makes the point that the abandoned turbines out West would not be standing had there been a decommissioning agreement in place when they were constructed, everyone is missing the fact that they’re still standing despite the claims of some that there’s money to be made by dismantling and recycling them.
Why hasn’t that happened? Where’s the logic?
If those constructed 20 years ago can’t be recycled, why should we expect the present day version to be recycled 20 years from now?
Kolin Jan
Wiley Ford

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