January 11, 2011
Letters, Oregon

Say no to wind project

The Observer, www.lagrandeobserver.com 10 January 2011

I am a supporter of Friends of the Grande Ronde Valley. I travel to Boise often and happened to go into a store there. I started a conversation with a clerk. She asked me where I was from. I proceeded to tell her that I was from Union. She said, “Really.” Then she mentioned that she and her husband want to move to Union County when they retire in three years. She said, “But we don’t want to move there if they put the wind farms in.’’

Now this is an outsider saying that they don’t want to move here. Well, if the wind farms go in, I don’t want to live here. There will be a negative impact to the county in tourism, property devaluation, noise levels that will be intolerable to those that live near the towers.

In response to Mr. Brian Kausler’s letter of Jan. 3, it isn’t just a few retirees from Cove who don’t have to worry about finding a job, paying bills and the future who don’t want the wind towers. My husband and I have worked to pay for our home, making improvements.

That is what most people do. Twenty years ago it was difficult to for us to purchase a house and stay here but we did it. Money isn’t everything and these property owners who are willing to sell or lease their property to the wind farm company should stop and rethink what they are doing to everyone in this county.

Let’s look at this scenario: If we wanted to put a dog kennel on our property, do you think our neighbors would be happy about barking dogs next door to them? I don’t think they would be.

Well, we are not happy about wind towers being put in at the expense of property owners who have worked many hard years to get what they have.

Janice Byers


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