January 11, 2011

Plans to build windfarm are blown out to protect landscape

Scunthorpe Telegraph, www.thisisscunthorpe.co.uk 11 January 2011

Plans to build an 18-turbine wind farm were thrown out as it would have been “particularly harmful” to the northern Lincolnshire landscape.

Councillors sitting on the North Lincolnshire Planning Committee turned down RWE npower Renewables’ plans to erect the 125m high turbines at Horkstow, near South Ferriby, when they met last month.

But the reasons for refusal, which have now been published, were deferred to ensure they were defendable should an appeal be lodged.

In an agenda for tomorrow’s planning meeting the reasons for refusing the Saxby Wind Farm application are stated. The report reads: “The proposed development would introduce very substantial industrial structures into an area of significant natural beauty, which is largely unspoilt, on the highest and most prominent point in North Lincolnshire, where the landscape is characterised by gently rolling agricultural land within the Wolds.

“In this area vertical structures of the size and scale proposed would be particularly harmful to the visual amenity of wide areas of North Lincolnshire and beyond.”

The report explains that the application is contrary to policy LC7 (Landscape Protection) of the North Lincolnshire Local Plan and policy ENV10 (Landscape) of the Regional Spatial Strategy.

Nigel Sherwood, Conservative councillor for Brigg and Wolds ward, sits on the council’s planning committee.

He said: “I believe the council is absolutely right to make sure they cross the Ts and dot the Is, as legislation has changed.

“The applicants have the right to appeal and they have the right for costs.

“It’s only right and proper that local authorities have meetings to make sure they’ve got everything right as if they haven’t and make a mistake there’s a massive cost to the taxpayer.”

Mr Sherwood moved to refuse the wind farm application at the meeting on December 15.

He says an objective approach was taken and the application was refused as it was contrary to planning policy.

But he does not think this is the end of the matter.

“There might be some way they can alter the application,” said Mr Sherwood. “Maybe they could make the wind turbines smaller.”

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