January 9, 2011

Wind turbines divide Dutch

by Speroforum, www.energypublisher.com 7 January 2011

Residents of a small fishing village in The Netherlands are protesting a plan for building wind turbines that they believe would radically change the look of the community.

The Dutch government has given permission for building 86 wind turbines on towers near the scenic village of Urk that would constitute the largest wind farm to date in The Netherlands.

On January 7, Dutch daily De Telegraaf noted “Urk furious at construction of ‘iron curtain of windmills.’” “It’s an absurd plan,” De Telegraff quoted a person opposed to the wind farm. “It’s a prestige project for the minister and a disaster for Urk’s cultural and historical image.”

People in Urk opposed to the wind farm plan to take their objections to the highest authority in The Netherlands, and the European Court as well.

De Volkskrant reported that the issue has split the community. A local farmer who wishes to remain nameless said, “The people who stand to make money are for and those who stand to lose out are against: it’s as simple as that. … I used to be good friends with my neighbour, but that friendship’s been damaged beyond repair.”

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