January 8, 2011
Letters, Pennsylvania

Living with turbines

Endeavor News, www.endeavornews.com 8 January 2011

I live in the middle of Alliant Energy’s Cedar Ridge wind project in Fond du Lac, Wisc. I have lived in this location for over 20 years. I feel the turbines were placed too close to mine and my neighbor’s houses.

The noise and vibrations they make has taken the quiet country my house used to be located in and turned it into an industrial park setting with noise that is never ending. The vibrations they create get you sick to your stomach and keep us awake at night.

There aren’t any quiet get-togethers outside on our deck and patio anymore. We have been forced to keep the windows closed and the air conditioner on, which increases our electric bill.

At certain times of the year the flicker they create turns my family room and bed room into a disco. They have ruined our over-the-air television and radio reception.

Our property values have been decimated. I have been told that my property is probably unsellable now.

We have to put up with all this without any mention of any compensation.

When I called Allient to complain, I was told that the wind turbines aren’t going anywhere so I just better get used to it!

The turbines should not be placed near homes unless owners of the surrounding land all agree to their placement. They should respect the property line and have the setback from that, and not from the house.

A one-mile setback from any inhabited house would eliminate a lot of the problems.

Mark Rademann

Eden, Wisc.

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