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Sleigh bells aren’t ringing as long as wind turbines keep turning

How nice that CanWEA (Canadian Wind Energy Association), a registered lobby group for the wind industry, has the money to spend on large colourful ads to promote the wind industry in Ontario. And where does the Ontario Power Authority get their money to run like ads? I think it could only be from the taxpayers.

Every business deserves the opportunity to succeed and prosper, but never at the expense of human, animal and environmental health. Unfortunately, the very people that industrial wind turbines are hurting do not have the funds for large display ads to warn people about the truth of the harm and the deceit of the provincial government’s renewable energy policy.

I am in contact with many people in this province adversely affected by wind turbines. My husband and I had to permanently move from our home. We certainly were not the first and sadly will not be the last. In the past two weeks, I have been informed by more than one family that they are at the door of bankruptcy. They have lost everything, have moved and in some cases had to split up their families and pets and are owners of a house they can no longer live in.

There are families who are renting a safe house at great personal expense, paying duplicate utilities and rent while also paying the mortgage on their own empty unlivable house. They cannot recoup their loss because they cannot sell a toxic home. These are not people who fell on hard times or are going through a rough patch. These families were fine before having their lives and homes ripped out from under them by their own government. This government is supposed to be in place to protect, us but instead they are crafting legislation in favour of wind proponents.

Imagine the wonderful Christmas’ these families faced. While the rest of the province was enjoying feast and good cheer, these people were suffering the worst kind of injustice. Never have I seen anyone suffering as these people are without some sort of effort by the government to intervene. This is criminal.

At last count there were at least 26 families in Ontario that I know of who have spoken publicly about the adverse health symptoms they are experiencing. Sleep deprivation, heart palpitations, chest pressure, headaches, tinnitus, stomach aches, cognitive problems, and the list goes on. This is the tip of the iceberg. There is international documented evidence these wind turbines are emitting loud cyclical noise, inaudible infrasound that bombards the body making people sick and dirty electricity, new since the installation of the wind turbines and substations.

Early pioneers who discovered infrasound found the harm to the human body it caused and the U.S. government has tools to use infrasound as a weapon. The problem is infrasound carries far and wide. It is not directional, so the use of the weapon would hurt many, not just a single target. This is the same type of infrasound being emitted from these turbines. Is it any wonder why this issue is so complex? It is new science to most people and hard to grasp.

Big problems are evident when once-healthy adults must rely on sleeping pills to try to get through the night, and children who are wakened with earaches, some vomiting, must be removed from the house to live with other family members. Imagine trying to get through their day at school.

When people are told to “get a lawyer” by people working directly in the industry before an investigation into their problem has even begun, you know there is something up. And, in fact that is what ultimately happens. There is no help from the government, only complete denial. Affected people are exhausted and powerless. They cannot turn off the machines, Hydro One cannot fix their electrical problems, the developer wins every time and finally the family abandons.

I hope CanWEA and Premier Dalton McGuinty had peaceful and joyful holidays surrounded by family and loved ones, content in the knowledge that they are winning.

Barbara Ashbee,