January 4, 2011

Blumenthal backs wind turbine opponents

By Mark Davis, WTNH, www.wtnh.com 3 January 2011

There’s a fight on in Connecticut over wind power. Opponents of wind turbine projects for Prospect and Colebrook say they want a moratorium before any are built.

The proposals by BNE Energy Incorporated would place wind turbines on hilltops in the two towns. Despite the fact that he will be out of office on Wednesday, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal came to their aid Monday.

“These turbines have been proposed without any standards, essentially in a situation of lawlessness,” Blumenthal said.

What Blumenthal means is, not that it breaks any laws, but that there are no laws governing them.

“We’ve been writing and e-mailing and send out petitions to call for a moratorium with the Siting Council,” Joyce Homingson of Colbrook said.

Currently, the Connecticut Siting Council has complete authority over whether the nearly 500 foot structures will be built. Opponents in both communities note that hundreds of homes would be within the sound and sight of the giant windmills, and they’ve received a pledge from the co-chairs of the legislature’s Energy and Technology Committee.

“They’re going to co-author moratorium legislation calling for a halt to all wind power development until such a time as state guidelines, standards and regulations have been created,” Tim Reilly of Prospect said.

The Siting Council has scheduled a hearing on this later this week to determine if public hearings will be held next month. The opponents are hoping those hearings will be scheduled for February 22nd and 23rd,

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