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Wind turbine PR ploy

Paul Hanley is blowing hot air in his support of a wind turbine at Saskatoon’s landfill.

In Hot air still blowing on wind power (SP, Dec. 28), Hanley quotes all kinds of numbers in his attempt to refute Bronwyn Eyre’s criticism of the project, but he misses the two most elementary issues.

First, wind turbines are located where the wind blows. Suburban Saskatoon may be a breezy place, but it is not windy to anywhere near the degree that characterizes successful wind farms. Second, wind farms are constructed with sufficient numbers of turbines to reap advantage in terms of infrastructure costs, operating expenses and ongoing maintenance.

Saskatoon’s proposed project fails on both counts.

Let’s face it. The landfill wind power project is nothing more than an expensive public relations showpiece.

Ed Scissons