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Wind turbines ugly and overwhelming

You have recently published a letter from one Malcolm Hamilton who rails against those of us opposed to massive ugly wind turbines near our homes. He purports to be giving facts to Larry Miller, MP, though much of his essay is opinion.

I thank Mr. Miller for questioning the wisdom of wind factories on the Niagara Escarpment, or anywhere else.

I must point out one thing in particular. I always put more stock in a man’s word or stated position if he is forthright and honest about where he is coming from. Mr Hamilton fails to mention that he is a principal in “Chinodin Wind Power,” which is a business which sneaks around trying to sign up farmers to host these 1,000-foot monstrosities on their farms, regardless of what are the effects on neighbours. I’m quite sure that Mr. Hamilton is well-paid for sign-ups, odd he did not enlighten us. When one has a dog in the hunt, I think it behooves one to disclose this.

Mr. Hamilton seems to think being a NIMBY is some sort of crime. I make no apologies – that is exactly what I am. I do not want to be in the shadow of one or more of these things. They are ugly and overwhelming. They drastically lower the value of my property. They appear to have effects on mental and physical health of those nearby. They destroy the aesthetics of an area. They will eventually be abandoned with no-one to dismantle them. They are inefficient. They require carbon-based resources while running.

I can only wonder what sort of person would put one of these things on his/her property despite the effects on the neighbours. Is there no end to greed and selfishness – love of money over care for one’s fellow man.

Personally, I would never do that to the environment or neighbours, despite having a low income. I respect both myself and my neighbours too much to do so.

As for municipalities favouring these things, I say to Mr. Hamilton – “hang onto your hat.” The anti-wind groups are just beginning to fight back. Obviously he sees it and it scares him. May I say this – it is a long road knows no turning. First we will throw McGuinty out. Then we shall see.

Tim Thompson