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Wind farms are not keeping us warm

The latest figures show that a third of Scottish households are suffering from fuel poverty (your report, 17 December). As I write, the outside temperature is -10C and old people are dying of hypothermia because they cannot afford to heat their homes.

This is a national disgrace, especially when you consider that these old people are contributing to the £3 million per day (£1 billion per annum) subsidy that the wind industry is receiving from us.

We are sitting under another high pressure system and, as usual for this time of year, when we really need the electricity, most of the wind farms in my area are hardly moving.

I am monitoring the Neta website which shows that wind is contributing less than 1 per cent of demand and 97 per cent of our electricity is being generated by coal, gas and nuclear, the rest coming from hydro and imported from France.

I know of no records of any carbon dioxide savings as a result of wind power; not a single coal, gas or nuclear power station has been or can be shut down, so when is this national scandal going to be made public and the 129 village idiots in Holyrood brought to task?

Bob Graham


Orton, Moray