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Wind Committee makes list of pressing issues

HAMMOND – Newly appointed Chairman Rudolph A. Schneider played the role of Santa Claus Monday night – making several lists and checking them twice – as the Hammond Wind Committee continued forward with establishing its recommendations to the town board.

Named official chair for the committee at the meeting’s outset, Mr. Schneider began the evening with a list of “ground rules” for the committee’s behavior. These included the continued use of Roberts Rules of Order for maintaining consistency at committee meetings.

Mr. Schneider also established that when it comes to “consensus”, a “majority rules” approach would be taken.

“Minority reports from individual committee members are also acceptable,” he said.

Previous co-chairs, Ronald R. Papke and Michele W. McQueer will continue in leadership positions as vice-chairs.

Mr. Schneider’s next order of business was making a list of the most pressing issues, and attempting to match the issues up with future meeting dates so the committee could stay productive during the duration of the meetings.

Topping that list were the following: Sound, property values, project management, economics/tourism, setbacks, environmental issues (birds and bats), and conflict resolution.

Sound, property values and project management are scheduled to be the topics at the committee’s next meeting, which was set for Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Hammond Central School.

Following that meeting, the committee has scheduled four additional meetings – Jan. 4, Jan. 12, Jan. 17 and Jan. 25, all at 7 p.m. and at either the school or at the village hall, depending on scheduling conflicts at each of those locations.

This development comes as a result of town Supervisor Ronald W. Bertram’s report at a recent meeting that the town board will begin its deliberations on the wind law with special meetings on the fourth Monday in January, February and March.

The remainder of Monday’s meeting was spent discussing the committee’s feelings about the Residential Property Value Agreement proposed recently by Richard K. Champney, who was not in attendance.

Mr. Schneider asked committee members if they were in favor of such an agreement, though particular issues are still being addressed within Mr. Champney’s proposal. All eight committee members in attendance said they supported the idea. Allen P. Newell was the only other committee member not present.

“There’s nothing to lose,” with the agreement said Dr. Stephen D. Sarfaty. “Especially considering the company says there’s no risk.”

“But it needs a lot of work,” said Mrs. McQueer, who nonetheless, said she supported the proposal.

Frederick A. Proven said it would alleviate a lot of public concern, while Merritt V. Young said it was an absolute necessity.