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Not listening

Valerie Franklin’s (Horizon Wind) recent letter urged people that the “Commission needs to hear directly from you, your family, your friends…” Union County residents resolutely stated we reject Horizon’s vision for our county. Horizon has not heard us.

A “small but vocal group” across Union County arose to resist their endeavors to subvert our county and undermine our efforts. One definition of advice is: “Opinion about what could or should be done about a situation or problem.” Valerie and Commissioner Davidson have apparently not seen the advisory vote results. Since neither of them acknowledged our advice, let us present it again. As President Wilson said, “a leader’s ear must ring with the voices of the people.”

When Davidson took office as county commissioner, he took a leading role in policy, legislative and administration duties. The commissioner’s office alone is empowered to pass an ordinance, adopt a comprehensive plan or give official status or course of action – but subjugation is not the voice we wanted or will accept. As a lead negotiator, he hasn’t listened to us and has violated our voice.

By compromising our county’s advice, he is ensuring the SIP will benefit a select few under the guise it benefits many throughout our valley. While under the pretense of providing benefits to our counties and local towns, he on the other hand is robbing residents of this valley the full benefits which could and should be available. This is not acceptable.

The activities surrounding this SIP are totally unacceptable: Hanley Jenkins’ alleged deleted e-mails between the commissioners’ office and Horizon Wind; Commissioner Davidson’s behind-the-scenes hand-shake deals with Horizon Wind; the blatant attack by The Observer to the credibility of Dennis Wilkinson.

Union County hears you, Valerie and Mark. It’s time you hear from us!

David Riley