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Turbine impact needs to be taken seriously

Mr Andrew Bray refers to “possible” health effects of wind turbines in his article. (The Courier, December 15).

The reported health effects experienced by people living in the vicinity of wind developments are unfortunately all too real, and have been well described around the world by a number of different medical researchers including Dr Nina Pierpont, Dr Michael Nissenbaum, and Dr Amanda Harry.

These independent researchers have all found that the health problems in some instances are so serious that farmers (sometimes fifth generation) are being forced from their land because of serious illness which they or their family are suffering.

This has also happened in Australia; in Gippsland (Toora), in the Ballarat region (Waubra) and in the Portland region (Cape Bridgewater).

All these people want is to be able to sleep in their beds at night without being continuously woken, to live in their houses and to farm their land without getting the symptoms of Wind Turbine Syndrome.

Many welcomed the turbines into their areas, having no idea of the consequent health problems.

Some helped construct the turbines.

It is high time their suffering was taken seriously, the health problems properly and independently investigated, and the planning guidelines changed to reflect this knowledge.

Medical director, Waubra Foundation
South Melbourne