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Big wind’s hawkers will take the money and run

Industrial wind is front and center of Maine politics these days and very soon will be physically front and center: Literally and geographically right in our faces.

Maine people will do all the giving and get nothing in return. Maine folks will lose something so ecologically precious that it’s measure cannot even be taken.

Big wind’s hawkers, promoters, builders and sellers will fill their pockets and quietly disappear, having wrecked and denuded Maine mountain landscapes, and leaving Mainers to live with unresolvable bitterness and sadness.

I’ll feel shame, for having let them do this thing. Too many numbers, facts and figures, can be boring. Just know that they’re accessible and unarguable.

Too many words on a subject can be boring, also, so I leave you with only this: If you’d like to help call a halt to the industrial wind scam being perpetrated on our homelands, speak up.

Our elected officials, such as Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, are there to hear what you have to say. Make your thoughts and feelings known to them. Time is of the essence.

Arlene Gray Trudel

Highland Plantation