December 16, 2010

Company says it’s looking at area for wind farm

By Melanie Wilkinson, York News-Times, 16 December 2010

YORK – A wind energy company working out of Lincoln may be considering York County for the location of a future wind farm . . . at least at this point, it’s a possibility.

Jennifer Korgie and Jesus Martin of Green Capital Power addressed the commissioners this week, “to let you know we’re looking at this area for a commercial wind facility into the future.”

Korgie noted they’ve been looking at a number of locations throughout the state.

She also said they’ve seen the county’s zoning regulations specifically related to wind farm setbacks and think the regs are workable with what they could possibly want to pursue in the future.

Green Capital Power is owned by MB&A, a Spanish company. While the corporation currently does not have any operating turbines in the United States, Korgie says it has considerable wind energy experience in Spain and internationally.

Korgie told the commissioners there are far reaching benefits for counties where wind farms are located, including a higher tax revenue, jobs, more local income and an opportunity to alternative business that is extremely compatible with farming practices.

If a wind facility were to be located here, Korgie said it would likely be made up of 20-40 turbines, having an initial investment tag of $200 million.

“What exactly are your plans for York County?” asked Commissioner Gus Brown.

“Right now, we are just presenting facts about us, to you, and we are looking at the area for possible growth in the future,” Korgie said. “We want you to know we’re looking at a possible future development.”

She added that if the company pursued a wind facility opportunity here, they would work closely with the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD).

Brown noted that the county continues to look into concerns voiced earlier this year about how wind farms could affect aerial chemical spraying and seed corn production. But no zoning regulations have been altered regarding that matter.

“We appreciate your interest in York County,” Brown said, “and we hope you keep in touch.”

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