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Wind power protest in Prospect

New protests over a plan for wind power in Prospect. The Town Council of Prospect is calling for a statewide moratorium on wind power projects.

“I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread,” said Mayor Robert Chatfield, (R) Prospect, “even wrote a letter in support of that, but we had a public meeting in October and since then I’ve learned enough of the pros and the cons of wind turbines.”

What Mayor Chatfield heard about the proposed BNE Energy Inc. turbine project raised some red flags; namely property values, ice throws from the blades, water runoff and noise. Tuesday night the Town Council planted a flag of their own, calling for a moratorium on all wind projects statewide until better regulations are established and towns and cities get more say on them.

Right now the State Siting Council has all the power. “The Town of Prospect is not against green energy, but it’s gotta be done in the right place, the right time with the right regulations,” Mayor Chatfield said.

Joe Lukeski has another concern to add to the mayor’s list – proximity. “These things are nice to look at occasionally, but I don’t want to look at them for 30 years. And the sound,” he said.

Joe and the opposition group Save Prospect got a first hand look at a few turbines in Massachusetts. The green machines are just under 500 feet tall will be too big and too close he says.

Victor Visockis Sr. wishes his neighbors could see the upsides like he does. “I think it’s a mistake because you can’t get anything more free than wind and we can use it,” he said. “The next people can use it and the next people can use it over and over.”

It would put $150,000 on the tax rolls every year and BNE Energy Inc. says it would create a number of jobs in the state.

“As members of the Prospect community we are very excited about bringing a green, renewable energy project to the town and making Prospect the ‘greenest’ small town in Connecticut,” Greg Zupkus of BNE Energy said in a statement. “We look forward to sharing information about the benefits of wind energy and making sure that the facts aren’t overshadowed by myths.”

Mayor Chatfield says he’s going to be at the next Siting Council meeting on January 6th.